Saturday, 15 July 2017

New look Etsy shop, Osteoarthritis and a show in St Just, Cornwall

I have been very poorly since my last market. Seems I should have been slowing down about 5 years ago when I was first told I had arthritis and an enlarged hip socket.
Can't seem to get much info sometimes, with only 10 minutes ALLOWED for each appointment and a busy working  & home life.
Repurposed pencil sharpening - soon to be earrings.
If we don't fit into the box it seems very confusing for people. Things can't be done quick enough. We are all pushed to our limits and there is no room for understanding.

It was over 10 years ago, before one of my trips to Thailand, that I first had to use a stick to walk. Little did I know then that I had it in the wrong hand. Right leg - use stick in left hand - I now know this is the correct way. 
But it took an invigilator at the Penlee Gallery in Penzance to recommend I use a stick properly, as I scraped my way through the gallery like a baboon. A huge thank you to that lady & also for letting me know that I had been using my stick in the wrong hand all this time.

Hot weather helps a lot, as does floating around in the ocean, like a moon jelly.
I am still waiting for some help and guidance from the doctors ! Apart from, put your foot up and slow down ! Lets face it painkillers aren't the answer folks. Conditions like this should be managed early & its NOT an old persons disease.
Brass ring with Kyanite.

As for my Etsy shop
It has a new look thanks to a fab birthday gift - a photo box.
Head over and take a look. 
The Owl in the Art Tree

Recycled Sterling Eco-Silver pendant with shaped beach buoy, smokey quartz & turquoise, Hallmarked in London.   

I am happy to say that I will be taking my work to the St Just arts & Crafts show in aid of Cancer Research Uk this August.
Go over and check out their new website and book for the open evening that will be opened by the super duper Michael Eavis. 

If anyone knows of people who may be going from St Ives and has room for two for a lift there & back on the open night or at any other time we would be grateful.

Recycled fine silver ring with Songea Sapphire chips, Hallmarked in London.

Fingers crossed they have enough space for me at Etsy Local in St Ives this Christmas x
It was a fantastic Christmas event last year & a real credit to Cornwall & St Ives. 

If you a maker here in Cornwall take a look at their Facebook page

Bye for now

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