Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bouncing back from negativity. Personalised jewellery & new works on the way !

We have been waiting a long time for these beautiful things. Newly arrived tools for the workshop.
One of my favourite projects many years ago was stamping text onto kitchen ware. It consisted of sets of words / statements to highlight domestic violence.
 I also used a pyrography tool to write onto wooden kitchen utensils. 

Looking now to the positive, I am creating wearable pieces that will soon be available in our Etsy Shop & at markets in St Ives Cornwall.
There will be plenty of opportunity to personalise pieces too.
I believe it is important not to dwell too long on the negative. Art & creativity is ingrained in everyones lives so lets design & create something wonderful & positive.
So get those minds working & find some positive words to stamp into time x
You can message me through #etsy to request a special order & this week I will be adding listings for you to customise to your own taste. The Owl in the Art Tree

Melissa Gaia & Fudge 

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